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Hi there, I’m Emelie Pla. I’m an actor working and living in New York City.


About me? Well... I'll start from the beginning. Before becoming a film and commercial actress, I earned my Bachelors of Music for classical vocal performance, with extensive experience in the opera, musical theatre, and solo and choral performance. I discovered film acting by taking a Meisner Technique course with Lyralen Kaye. Since my first Meisner class in 2015, I continue to train in multiple acting techniques (private coaching's, classes and workshops) and work as a film, theater, and commercial actress in New York and Boston.

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"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop and look fear in the face...You must do the thing you cannot do."

                  - eleanor roosevelt


Along with commercial work, my film roles have ranged from a tough-girl, bad-ass, no nonsense power house to a depressed youth with many layers, police officer and detective, an infatuated mistress chasing after her lover, a loving young mother, and an upper class ditz.

In theatre, my range of characters include a patriotic American spirit, a psychotic murderer, a naïve young woman in love, the first woman and mother on earth, a young school girl, and a desperate woman searching for love and willing to involve trickery and deception in order to do so.

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Film Reel

Commercial Reel

Nelson's Rescue Remedy Commercial


Wayfair - Back in My Day Commercial


Scary Mommy - Orajel

Sylvania Smart Lighting Commercial

Ally Bank - National Commercial

Meet Cove - National Commercial

Cove Listens - National Commercial

Flooring America Commercial

Columbia Bank Commercial

Hastings - Future Vision Commercial

Play-doh Shape and Learn Commercial

PwC Health Commercial

Maintenance - Short Film

Queering - Season 1 Episode 1

Queering - Season 2 Episode 2

5' 7"

150 lbs

Hair Color
Dark Brown

Eye Color
Dark Brown

For Commercial, VO, and Print Inquiries contact: shoshana@take3talent.com


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